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Testimonial image Freda

"Esther has been a very patient and helpful coach who is ready to help her students at any point in time. She responds promptly whenever a question is given to her and she always answers to the best she can, sometimes even going more than what is asked of her. I love how she always emphasises not to trade with greed. She not only imparted her trading skills to us, but also life values which will certainly help us in life. Her tactics have proven to be useful for me as I’m slowly but surely getting the hang of trading. I am very grateful to have a teacher like her who never holds back in sharing her knowledge with her students!"



Testimonial image Junice

"I’ve started to learn forex from Esther since May. I’ve some forex experience before and badly burnt. Esther has made forex learning user-friendly especially for beginners with prefixed indicators and templates that are easy to refer. Esther’s teaching reinforce about correct trading mindset. Highly recommend anyone to learn forex from Esther! 👍🏻"



Testimonial image Lawrence

"I started the class in May 2020. I have learned a lot from Esther. Mainly how to read the chart in more effective ways. Catch the right timing. And of all, the patience and discipline. Esther, is straight to the point and her guidance is invaluable. She is patient with me on the initial stage as I am new to this. Highly recommend."



Testimonial image Wei Yuan

"I find Esther to be a very easy-going and friendly teacher. She is also very sincere in helping us learn about Forex trading, and would personally help us set up the accounts and trading platforms. She is able to unpack her years of experience in Forex Trading for us newbies to learn. Knowing that I have an experienced and helpful Si Fu by my side helps as I am able to trade with more confidence. She always reminds us to trade carefully and has a few rules of engagement to follow to ensure that we will not over trade. I am really glad that I took this up and look forward to have a good passive side income!"

Wei Yuan


Testimonial image Jennifer

"Esther has been instrumental in making it easy for me to understand how to trade in forex. i have never understood when i see the charts.. fast forward after 2 months and today with all the weekly learnings n daily tips shared by her, i actually get it now by looking at the charts using the indicators and know what to do along with doing due diligence always .. it has been a great learning journey for me and looking forward to more learnings from her and making this my retirement plan to make money work for me 😁"



Testimonial image Shenton

"I was introduced to Esther by a good friend of mine. I have always been skeptical about forex but decided to keep an open mind. To my surprise, I was impressed with Esther’s straightforward approach and the principles of her trading strategy. She teaches a clear, easy to understand application and offers great support through weekly webinars. As with every skill, this requires time and dedication but the results can be fantastic. With practice and support, I was able to improve on my trading psychology and make good trading decisions. I would certainly recommend Esther’s course to someone who has a genuine desire to learn the skill of technical forex trading. Esther’s course is based on sound principles, which when implemented correctly will put probability in your favour. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about forex and making it so simple for us to understand."



Testimonial image Tainy

"Esther's program is top notch! She took me from a total newbie knowing very little about Forex to being well on my way to generate consistent income from it. Not only is she very knowledgeable and thorough but she's also a great and very patient teacher! She will keep at it until you get the material. It's not one of these courses where you get rehashed materials but a true mastermind where she continuously provides an insane amount of value ! If you are on the fence dont hesitate you will not regret it!"



Testimonial image Club

"Hi my name is Club. I joined Esther's BFX around May. The course is really good for beginners, nothing complicated and Esther is a very good teacher who is able to simplify the complex topic. For me most valuable thing was her in-house developed currency dashboard and indicators which makes Forex trading really simple and easy to manage. One of the most important thing is that Esther is a full time Forex trader as well and makes her living with Forex trading and her passion of teaching and able to nurture her students with her knowledge and experience is outstanding! Which I believe is a key factor to consider when choosing a right teacher to learn Forex from. I love the community of BFX and will continue to be part of the team as long as I am in Forex."


Hong Kong

Testimonial image Eric

"BedRock FX is a young global community of keen and fun forex starters coming together to learn the skills of forex trading. Our mentor, Esther is an enthusiastic and experienced forex master who uses analytical trading approach, financial acumen and morality of responsible trading in her coaching to shift the forex trading paradigm from being profits-making centric to one that has a perfect blend with ethicality and technical skills. Her coaching techniques have made it so simple for starters like me that I have been equipped and taught to trade consciously under a month. I'm convinced that I'm on track to hone a new skillset in forex trading for my future passive income." Thank you, Esther Sifu. Eric Lam, Engineer by Profession/ July 2020"



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