PowerPack 5 (PP5)
The Beginner’s Guide
to Forex Trading

PowerPack 5 (PP5) – US $27

This two-weeks session for beginners is a great and affordable way for those who wants to learn about the basics of Forex Trading and whether they have the interest to continue to trade; without having to commit to a hefty course fee.



1st Week (Mon, Wed, Fri)
2nd Week (Mon & Wed)


7.00PM – 8.30PM

1st Week
• Introduction to Forex basics
• Demo account set up with BFX customized indicators and templates
• Introduction to MT4 platform
• Introduction to BFX Indicators 
• Introduction to BFX TimeLine strategy
• Ebook walk through
2nd Week
• Get up to speed by trading Live on the Demo account
• Constant practice with our trainers

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    Introducing PowerPack 5 (PP5), a sneak peek into the BFX Mastery Programme