Ever since Covid19 starts, millions around the World were affected tremendously!

Not only many families lost their loved one/s through Covid19, many jobs were lost too for the living….. Businesses/restaurants/retails/malls were largely affected due to human restriction and many eventually can’t escape the fate of……Closing Down (Dead)….

This definitely have impacted many families emotionally & financially…including myself.

Frankly, I’ve encountered all these way back in 2008, where the company i was working with filed bankruptcy due to the Lehman Brother financial crisis.

Back then, i have lost my ONE and ONLY main stream of income as the Sales & Marketing Head in one of the local engineering firm.

Losing income for more than 6 months…lost of saving as i still have multiple stream of expenses (my house, my car, my parents allowance, insurance, my daily expenses etc etc). It was devastating! Tormenting to me emotionally and stressful to my pocket…

Since then, i have been searching and looking for recession proof activities that will allow me to earn some extra income or passive income apart from relying on that ONE and ONLY Main Stream of income for survival.

Something for you to ponder on….’Since we have MULTIPLE STEAM of EXPENSES, shouldn’t we create MULTIPLE STREAM of INCOMES for ourselves too?!”

Here’s a good read for you.
Just like many of you, I have the misconception on Forex Trading prior…..therefore, hope these pointers will bring some clarity to many of you out there…

Actually, I’m truly blessed to be introduced to Forex Trading….and doing it with this caring and sharing community makes Forex Trading even more fun!

So Let’s row up our sleeve, Build up our Skill, and Build up our Multiple Stream of Incomes together as a community!
Let no further recession affect You NO MORE!

“Is Forex Trading Recession Proof?”


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